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Night VFR rating

night picThe Night VFR Rating, as the name implies, allows the holder to fly an aircraft by night in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC).

This rating is available on a Private, Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Licence and authorizes the holder to fly at night in good weather.


The Night VFR rating will let you fly at night providing the weather is good. You will still be flying under visual conditions so you must be able to fly by reference to the ground however this rating is invaluable. If you are running late and will miss last light you will be able to come in after dark or maybe you want to get an early start to that trip and get going before sunrise.

One of the most common uses of the Night VFR rating is a flight to take in the view of the city lights. The view of the city by night is truly spectacular.

Theory Requirements

There are no CASA theory examinations required for the NVFR rating, however your flight instructor will provide you with theory notes and briefings in order to cover the required areas of knowledge.

The training program provides for a minimum of 10 hours dual with at least two hours of night circuit practice and 5 hours night navigation. On reaching a safe competent standard you will be required to complete a flight test for the issue of the Night VFR Rating.

Estimated Cost

PA28 Piper Warrior

Dual Training 10 hrs $3340
Flight Test 3.5 hrs $868
Test Fee $ 680

$ 4888

Generally the PA28 Piper Warrior is used for this segment of training due to its faster speed.

Above is a cost estimate based upon the minimum training hours required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for the issue of a N.V.F.R. The above cost does not include any text books or theory costs. It should be emphasized that this is a guide only and is not to be taken as a formal quote since the actual training times required will depend upon many factors, especially personal ability.

*Prices are subject to change and are plus GST if applicable. All Landing and Towers fees excluding Ayers Rock, Essendon, Avalon and Capital City Primary Airports are included in the estimate.*

Note. This course information is for local Australian residents not requiring a student visa, training only. If you are an International Prospective Student and would like information on the course’s that Moorabbin Aviation Services P/L trading as Australian National Airline College CRICOS 02530B has available please refer to the International Student Training Link on the home page of our web site