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Recreational Pilot Licence (R.P.L)

Recreational Pilots Licence

Recreational Pilots Licence

1st stage of obtaining your Private Pilot Licence.

The Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) will be the first licence obtained during your training towards your Private Pilot Licence (PPL). Until this stage you are not authorized to carry any passengers on your flights.

Once you have passed the RPL you may carry passengers to and from the training area during solo flights. You will still be limited to a confined training area unless you have completed an RPL navigational endorsement.

Before you undertake the test you are required to pass the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge theory examination.

You will also need to have at least 25 hours flight time, which includes 5 hours as pilot in command and 2 hours instrument time.

Our rexperience shows that on average students are usually ready to attempt the RPL Flight test with around 30 hours of training and the minmum of 25 hours of training set by CASA is rarely achieved.

After attaining a RPL you may ad a navigation endorsement or continue training towards the issue of a Private Pilot Licence. (PPL)

Flight Test

The test will be conducted by an Approved Testing Officer of the CASA to whom you must demonstrate your ability to competently manage the aircraft in all the basic phases of flight.

A student who successfully completes the RPL is permitted to fly within the confines of the Moorabbin training area, with passengers, by day only.

After attaining a RPL you may ad a navigation endorsement or continue training towards the issue of a Private Pilot Licence.

Theory Examinations Required

  • Pre-Solo Air Legislation
  • Pre-Area Solo Theory
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge

Estimated Cost* Piper Warior PA-28

Dual Training 20.5 hrs $6847
Solo Training 13.5 hrs $3348
Flight Test 3.5 hrs $868
Test Fee $800
Total $11.863.00

*In addition to the above, there are a number of other items that will be required including ;

  • CASA Medical approximately: $300.00
  • Headset $300.00 to $1000.00
  • Moorabbin Airport Access Card $30.00
  • Aviation Security ASIC Card: $220.00 (not mandatory, but recommended)
  • Logbook: $25.00
  • Maps, Charts, Text Books for Self study of Theory Examinations app: $600.00

Note. Above is a cost estimate based upon the minimum training hours required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for the issue of a R.P.L.  It should be emphasized that this is a guide only and is not to be taken as a formal quote since the actual training times required will depend upon many factors, especially personal ability and frequency of training.

Prices are subject to change and are plus GST if applicable. All Landing and Towers fees excluding Ayers Rock, Essendon, Avalon and Capital City Primary Airports are included in the estimate.*


2nd Stage: Private Pilots Licence