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Have you ever wanted to try and fly an aircraft yourself?

Whether it’s the start of your flying career, a once in a lifetime thing or you just want to be able to say “I’ve flown a plane” then a Trial Instructional Flight is for you.

One of our professional instructors will take off with just you and guide you through ‘hands on’ flight around the Melbourne area.

Trial Instructional Flight

You will learn all about how the aircraft functions and what makes it fly as well as actually controlling the aircraft while under instruction. We offer Trial Flight 7 days a week, all year round during the daytime when weather permits.


40 Minutes $170
60 Minutes $260

Booking 03 9587 5159
Email. masenquiries@iinet.net.au

MAS Voucher

Trial Flight Gift Certificate


Trial Instructional Flight are also available for purchase as a Gift Certificate for a friend or family member and can be posted to you or collected from Moorabbin Aviation Services.